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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

FreeMan Press: MAN (or woman) UP!

"I am hard pressed to find anyone my age who isn’t trying to act like they are 21. Everyone wants to go and party like they don’t have to go to work tomorrow. Everyone wants to smoke weed, drink and have sex with everyone like there are no consequences to their actions. Everyone’s wardrobe is some kind of teenage mix of some blue jeans with a french cuff pink dress shirt capped off with a sports blazer capped and don’t forget some skittle colored Air Force Ones!. People are still getting tattoos and piercings well into their 30’s. Grown Men are playing John Madden seriously like it is a get rich seminar. Vivica Fox had plastic surgery, Puffy cut his hair into a Mohawk, Kanye dresses like a bull fighter, Cube still wears Chucks, Common looks like a skateboarder with a suit, Steve Harvey has us wearing Cab Calloway suits and my Barber still drag races his car at the street races!"

Read the full posting on FreeMan Press.

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