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Sunday, September 14, 2008


I've been following a discussion about why "The View" was so mean to the McCains and how unethical it was that the left leaning hosts were so hard on the couple and the ish just pissed me off some more.

The show's name -- The View -- is derived from point-of-view which means those random chicks blather on about whatever is the topic of the day. It's like this blog except with more people talking and they are on television with an audience and get paid. The format of the show is set up so they can all yell over each other with their "views" on a particular topic. Why would anyone with good damn sense expect them to have fair and balanced opinions???!!

And this is what REAAAAALLLLLLYYYYYYY makes my ass itch. If people don't have the sense God gave a cat to figure out that this is not a news show, those women are not journalists -- and with the exception of Barbara Walters have never been journalists -- and they are all just prattling on about nothing (during the first five minutes the pendulum can swing from bra fittings to Fannie Mae), how in hell can they sort through the issues and choose a presidential candidate??! That's why we're talking about lipstick and hockey moms instead of the economy and war in Iraq.

Lord save me from fools.

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