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Monday, September 22, 2008

Things to think about...

My sister-in-law told me earlier today that she is pregnant and that she had gone to have an abortion and then changed her mind.

This is her fifth child (only her second with my brother-in-law) and they didn't want any more. But at the end of the day she decided she couldn't do it, so now there is another little one on the way.

This makes the second woman I know up close and personal (see this post) who didn't want kids (or want more kids) that is pregnant "on accident."

Meanwhile, I remain on the sofa on mandatory bedrest after having a frozen embryo transferred into my uterus in a last attempt to make a biological dad out of Mr. SingLikeSassy.

I've decided being bitter about how easily these two ladies -- who didn't want kids (or want more kids) -- got pregnant is both a waste of energy and just makes me ugly inside. Plus, I honestly don't feel that way. OK, maybe for a teeeny tiny second I went there, but I snatched myself back before the rot, evil and bile settled in.

On a lighter note, sis-in-law was saying this morning that as she put a sweater Mr. SingLikeSassy had given his 2-year-old niece one Christmas on her, niece asked who gave her the sweater and when she heard it was from Uncle Mr. SingLikeSassy she said "I LIKE HIM!"

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