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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Wachovia teetering on the edge of collapse!

I knew when Wachovia took over First Union it would turn into a steaming hot azz mess. Now Wachovia is on the cusp of collapse and my $40 is in there! But more than that my account could change and I've had that checking account all my adult life!

My mama went with me back in August 1987 and helped me open that bank account. It's been my account through moves to various cities and states. It's the account I used in college. It's been my account through the poor years and when I was flush. Before I got married I told my husband that we could open a new joint account, but I would not be closing that account. I know the account number by heart! I've had the same PIN for 20 years!

Why Wachovia?! Why did you have to take over my little First Union? Sigh.

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