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Monday, October 6, 2008

Clarifying Mama SingLikeSassy's position

My parents supported Hillary Clinton. Her politics and experience resonated with them.

My mother was sad she didn't win the candidacy, but once it was all decided, she got right on the Obama bandwagon and began volunteering for his campaign. His stance on the issues she cared about weren't so divergent that she couldn't support him.

My father's vote ain't so easily won. He's wary of Obama for various reasons I won't get into here. However, his politics lean left and I'm guessing on election day he will vote for Obama because he will be voting, trust me.

My parents grew up down South during Jim Crow. They have voted in every election since they were old enough to do so and would never miss going to the polls. They get up early and make sure my grandmothers -- who have never had licenses or driven cars -- get to the polls. There's no sitting it out on election day and they have low opinions of people who don't vote.

Anyway, I realized I did need to provide some context to the earlier post so people would understand where my mom was coming from Saturday.

By the way today is Mama SingLikeSassy's birthday. Happy Bday mommy!

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