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Thursday, October 30, 2008

I got it bad and that ain't good

I have a major case of baby fever.

Everywhere I look there are babies. They smell good. They're cute. They wiggle and smile their little gummy toothless smiles and shake rattles and lose socks. One cutie even sucked on my thumb as I guess she couldn't access hers. And maybe mine tasted better.

It doesn't help that babies love me. I hold them and they settle in for the longhaul, clinging to my neck. I'm not making this up, either, other people have noted my baby magnetism.

But, whatever, I need help as this is driving me crazy. Is there an __ Anonymous for this one? What's the cure?!

sits Indian style in corner rocking and sucking thumb

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  1. Hello there!

    Believe me when I tell you this...local hospitals would looove to have you volunteer in the pediatric unit! You really should go through the process and get clearance to be a peds volunteer! The nursing staff at most local hospitals KNOW that babies need to be held and talked to but they are often understaffed and are not able to just sit with a baby for an hour cooing and rocking. All local hospitals need peds volunteers!

    Embrace your calling!!



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