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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Men, women, relationships, love, marriage

Every Tuesday, the blogger CreoleinDC hosts an Internet radio show called "Word on the Curb." I've never had the opportunity to join in, but today I listened to an old show where men were the featured guests and they talked about dating, relationships, marriage etc.

It made me think about my dating life. I was too emotional as a dater. I was never really the kind of woman who could meet a guy and roll around with him and walk away with no regrets or second thoughts. Thankfully I realized that early on, but it took me a long time to get past the "this is the one!" mindset at the beginning of all my relationships. None of them were the one, obviously, and I might have saved myself some grief if I just had chilled out.

People always ask how I knew Mr. SingLikeSassy was "the one" and I tell them this story: the day I became friends with my stepmother was the day that I asked her what made her marry my father. She told me that no man had ever loved her the way my father did.

That's the way I feel about Mr. SingLikeSassy. Everything was easy. We met, we clicked, it worked, there was no struggle, no games, no subterfuge, no wondering what he was thinking, no rules. Everything was easy.

We have fun together, even doing simple stuff like going to Target and looking for bedding (which we didn't get because we couldn't find what I wanted and I wasn't getting the random non-matching bachelor-looking stuff he was picking out). We laugh A LOT. Together and at each other. We're grand friends.

The best part of each day is in the morning when he kisses me before he leaves for work. He leans over me in the bed and kisses me several times on the mouth and cheeks and forehead and chin and I giggle. Sometimes I throw my arms around his neck and hold on to him while he laughs and says "I have to go teach the kids, I have to go teach the kids!"

But really, to steal from my stepmom, no one has ever loved me like he does. No one. That's how I knew he was "the one." I'm sure some of you tire of me talking about how much I love Mr. SingLikeSassy, but for real, I didn't know it could be like this. So get used to me celebrating it.


  1. awww...I know how you feel, because I'm lucky that way too!


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