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Thursday, October 9, 2008

New conversation thread

I took my car to the body shop Wednesday and they are going to make my baby beautiful again, restoring her to darn near brand new condition.

But in the interim, I'm driving this rental car:

Now, I like cars. I like the way they sound and handle and drive and look. My husband could care less about a vehicle as long as it cranks up and gets him from point A to Z. I, on the other hand, need more from my car owning/driving experience.

I don't like this rental car. It's too big. It has four doors. It has automatic transmission. It's ugly. And I had to put a pillow under me so I could reach the accelerator and brake. Yeah, I'm that short.

I don't like cars with four doors cause I ain't no taxi driver. I only need room in my car for my purse and my man. Yeah, I'm cute like that.

I hate automatic transmission because you turn over the decision-making to the car. I want to DRIVE my car, not ride in it. Yeah, I'm a bad azz chick, too.

On Monday I will reunite with my ride. The weather will be nice so I'll put the top back. Be off the road.

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