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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Phase 3: Operation BabySingLikeSassy

So it's more needles and sonograms and people peeking and poking around in my hooha and bloodtests and bloat and hormonal craziness and cash out of pocket. Lots, lots, lots more of all that. And this time the doc wants to put back three embryos to increase our chances (we transferred two the first time and then our one little frozen emby-cicle during this last cycle). Somehow I have the feeling we're gonna end up with three babies trying to get the one. (I don't dare think about if all of the embies split and we end up with three sets of identical twins which is not that far outside the realm of possibility considering my great grandmother had two sets of twins).

I'm still not believing we are here at attempt no. 3. Back before we got started down this path we discussed doing one full cycle and then calling it a day. Then we decided since we had the one frozen embryo left we had to do a frozen cycle, but then we were definitely calling it a day.

Now I'll be damned if we aren't about to do this a third time.

An interesting element of all this is that the more epic fails we get on the fertility front, the more Mr. SingLikeSassy and I talk/dream about our kid as though it's inevitable we will be parents. There's less skepticism/pragmatism now that IVF has failed us twice. Ha!

We've emptied a room for this hypothetical BabySingLikeSassy. We're planning our finances with a kid in mind (c'mon, you knew I wasn't getting that race car though I do still have my eye on these shoes) as well as our vacations and careers. Don't get me wrong, nothing is on hold per se, but we're planning on two tracks.

So you heard it here first people: Operation BabySingLikeSassy will resume in 2009.

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