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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Season 5 of The Wire

Mr. SingLikeSassy wants me to cut this off because I keep yelling at the TV about what's happening in the newsroom scenes. The reporter who is lying and making up copy just makes my ass itch. He is one laaaaazzzyyyyyy bastard.

There is no shame in coming back to the newsroom without a story. OK, maybe a little shame, but sometimes it ain't there and you can't report the story that ain't there. That doesn't mean you make up stuff. You try harder, you change tactics, you report on the story that *is* there, which for the starting day game was that half of the people there weren't fans of the Orioles. That's an interesting story. Or it could be if written right. But, no, his lazy reporter ass couldn't do that. He didn't find the fan story he wanted, so he made one up.

Here's the thing that really burned me up. It's 2 p.m. and he asks the city editor who is doing the follow on a story that ran in the paper that day. At 2 p.m. A real reporter would have come in at 2 p.m. with a notebook full of quotes after he'd been out reporting all day if he wanted to do the follow up piece. Not asking about the follow up piece when the day is half done. He would have it already.

I love newspapers almost as much as I love cars. I spent a third of my journalism career at newspapers. It was hard. I hated covering the cops beat so much I used to cry driving to work everyday. But when I got to work, I got my face together and went in there and did the job. And covering the cops beat was just what I needed cause it teaches you to get facts right the first time. To ask all the questions the first time. To collect names and addresses and phone numbers the first time. It teaches you to write fast and to get the news high.

This dude's character just shit on all that is still good about newspapers. But I'll finish watching this season cause I keep hoping he will get found out and fired.

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  1. Professor B10/15/2008

    There just isn't any good journalism anymore. Even for our generation, which wasn't that long ago. I still try to teach the basics to my students and they still want to take the short cut: Google and Wikipedia are NOT reporting!!!!


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