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Thursday, October 16, 2008


I got my baby back!! I peeled out of the body shop parking lot with the top back just relishing all the things I love about my car. It was so funny to have all the men in the garage sweatin' my ride and tripping over the fact that I can drive a manual shift.

One guy said, "I knew you were from the country when I saw that stick shift. City girls don't drive stick shifts." Well "city girls" don't know what's up. You haven't really driven a car until you've learned what your friction point is and can stop and start on a hill without rolling or downshift to give you that burst of power you need to cut in front of that car speeding up in the next lane arrogantly thinking they are going to overtake you and your horses.

So I am happy again. I feel at peace. My car is back. Yay!


  1. I know how to drive a stick shift too... I am part city and part country.

  2. After burning out a few clutches, I decided I'd leave the stick driving to the people that knew what they were doing.

    Congrats on getting it back.


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