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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Back to the teaching thing...

Last week Mr. SLS went to a concert where one of his students from when he first started teaching back in the '90s was performing.

He was a 5th grader when Mr. SLS first started teaching and mentoring him. Now he's a working musician performing with a band and traveling around the world.

So to reiterate what I said in an earlier post, teachers may not reach EVERY student, but they can make a difference in the lives of SOME students.


  1. Anonymous11/23/2008

    When I consider the most influential people in my life nearly all have been teachers, just a comment from the Amen Chorus.

  2. I would expand that to say that teachers may not reach every student, but they can make a huge difference in the lives of some and a significant difference in the lives of many. Students can tell when they have received something real from a teacher and I think that happens more often than a lot of teachers realize. The ones who do realize it are the ones who love teaching. If the teacher doesn't convey a sense of value and love for whatever it is that they are teaching, the students can sense that and will respond, or not respond, accordingly.

  3. Teaching must be a very rewarding profession.


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