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Saturday, November 8, 2008

A day late and a dollar short

Months and months ago my mother decided Obama was her candidate and she started volunteering for his campaign. She also asked me to try and get inauguration tickets for her and my grandmother. I told her that she needed to contact her own member of Congress, but that I would reach out to the one or two contacts I have on Capitol Hill and see what I could do. Thankfully my Hill contacts are part of the Illinois delegation and turned me on to some good information.

Anyway, she started making arrangements back then because she was confident her candidate would win the election. So for months now she's been on inauguration ticket lists, she's had tickets to an inauguration ball, she's had transportation to D.C. arranged and paid for, and she got her friends on the bandwagon so they are set, too. Other than waiting to find out if they will get inauguration tickets, they are good to go and have been since July. She did all this even though I warned her there was a chance Obama might not win, to which she said "yes he will win" (LOL!) but the experience was worth it even if he didn't win.

Her advance planning helped Mr. SingLikeSassy understand me a little better. I hate waiting until the last minute to do anything and he's very much a one day at a time person. So that's how we divvy up. He takes care of the immediate, I focus on the longterm.

But it's amazing to me all of the people who have called me over the last couple of days asking if they can stay in my house and can I help them get inauguration tickets. Um, the inauguration was always going to happen whether or not Obama won and NOW you're thinking about it, when the whole rest of the world is thinking about it? Some members of Congress aren't even taking inauguration ticket requests any more and it's not even a week after the election. At the very least people should have gotten on those lists early.

And staying in my house? Why any of these people who KNOW me and my mama would even think there was room left in my house is beyond me. So I hope they get here and find a bed and are able to attend the inauguration, but let this be a lesson people: advance planning is your friend!

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