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Friday, November 28, 2008

I'm over Mr. SLS right now

Quick catch up from my non-blogging days: I'm about to bash Mister's head in now and think about heaven later (if you don't know what movie I've stolen that from you have a severe gap in your cinematic education). And now he's downstairs practicing in hopes I will be over it when he's done, but I won't be so he can stop tootin' on that damn fife.


Thanksgiving went on at the sis-in-law's house as originally planned and was cool. I did diffuse what could have been a fight from an episode of a bad TV sitcom between my sis-in-law and her husband and realized that my sisters-in-law are girlie girls (e.g. they say stuff like "that's the man's job") and I'm not. It did better explain my brother-in-law's "women's work" comments though.


I've been trying to find a sleeper sofa small enough to fit in the second bedroom and am having a hard time locating one. Mr. SLS says get a futon but I hate futons. I've never seen one that wasn't rickety as hell. They sit too low to the ground and I like arms on my sofas. I don't want a day bed either.


I haven't gotten my new laptop yet and the desktop is done-zo so we've been sharing his laptop, which is gonna make me wrap my hands around his neck and squeeze. Hard.


My daddy keeps sending me crazy emails with messages like this: "My blood pressure is high. Have a great day!" "I'm going to the hospital for a procedure. Love you daughter!"


The floodgates opened on day 18. No more Xs marking the spot. 

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