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Monday, November 17, 2008

Jive turkey!

My sister-in-law lost her job several months ago and has been living off unemployment (her husband is employed but he's not a native American and is not able to do the job here in the states that he is trained for back in his home country, so his earning potential is limited). It's her turn to host Thanksgiving and I wondered how she would pull it off, but she insisted the last time we all got together a couple of months ago that she wanted to and COULD host this year.

Why did she call my husband over the weekend and say she can't do Thanksgiving because she's broke?? Now my husband is all upset because this is his favorite holiday and he was really looking forward to everyone getting together because his is not a family that gathers often, even though everyone lives right here in the area. Apparently his mom, who died in 2005 before I met Mr. SLS, was the glue that held them all together.

Don't get me wrong, I understand money problems, I do, but I really wish she had taken me up on my offer last summer to host it this year. Now I can't cook because I have a project happening that week and will only be off work the one day. Also, we're committed to doing the Trot for Hunger on Thanksgiving day and during the time I could be cooking we will be doing our part to help the hungry and homeless.

My other sister-in-law has said she can do it, but she's big pregnant with a toddler, a 7-year-old and a sullen teenager to manage and coordinate, as well as her throwback to the 1950s husband who says stuff like "women's work" and always has her call me to coordinate anything he thinks falls under that category otherwise he calls his little brother because it's men's conversation and we po' lil' helpless feebleminded womenfolk shouldn't be privvy to it.

Needless to say my man is unhappy, which means I am unhappy. Mr. SLS says we should just give his sister money and let her cook as previously planned, which is fine with me, but she's not answering the phone or returning phone calls now.

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