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Sunday, November 2, 2008

Not trying to hear it!

I worked all day on a project that has a deadline of Tues., Nov. 4. I finished it today because I didn't want to take the chance that tomorrow something will come up, like news or something else inconvenient, and I would have to put it aside.

Back when Mr. SingLikeSassy was in grad school I spent many a Sunday proofreading and editing his papers. I had to be the taskmaster, too, as he is easily distracted and would stop suddenly to practice his instrument.

So I woke up this morning determined to get my project done and I assigned him a piece of the project. He started in earnest, I'll give him that, but about an hour in he was asking if he could be done.

NO! BACK TO WORK SLAVE! :::cracks whip:::

Anyways, after a bit of, um, convincing, he got his part done, I wrapped it up and I feel relieved. I can start the week off on a good note. Whew.

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