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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Reason #1287309234 why infertility sucks

When you're dealing with infertility you tend not to get excited about the little things that normally would make you excited, like a late period. In regular fertile world, a missed period is (for those hoping to expand their families) good news. You dance a jig, you call your family, you start planning a nursery.

In infertility world when you have a late period you hold off on ringing the alarm. There are so many "buts." For example, it could be your body rejiggering itself from the drugs or some residual reaction from the last treatment cycle. Or it could be nothing, maybe your period just aint comin'.

Right now I am 13 days late. But I'm forced to hold that up next to the reproductive endocrinologist's "less than a 1 percent chance to conceive naturally" diagnosis, and the two failed assisted reproductive procedures we've been through this year.

So I'll keep counting days until the floodgates open or the number gets so large and symptoms so undeniable that I have to admit we may have beaten the odds.

grabs calendar and draws 13th X on Nov. 22

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