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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Why I vote and why you should, too

As I've said before, my parents grew up down South during the Jim Crow era. Our family was active in the civil rights movement and in the late 1950s one relative lost their job, had their house burned down, received death threats and had to take their family and flee their home state where they were unable to return for the rest of their life. I was taught from a very young age that voting is not something to take lightly.

In 1976 my father took me with him to our polling place. I went into the booth with him and he held me up and showed me what levers to pull. I remember sounding out the name "C-a-r-t-e-r" (sidebar: I started reading at age 3 and was so advanced by the time I got to school, I was able to skip a grade, so I was in the second grade when my dad took me into this booth) and feeling so proud of myself.

My mother has regularly volunteered for local politicians, but this year she kicked it up a notch and volunteered for the Obama campaign. First she was registering people to vote and lately she's been driving little old ladies -- including my 87-year-old Grandma -- to the polls for early voting.

My husband has financially supported his candidate and for weeks we have planned to get up at dark o'clock on Election Day to go line up in the cold so we can vote together for the first time. We're headed out now and I'm taking the camera and will post some photos later.

You can do what you like today, it's your choice, obviously. But I'm hoping you've registered to vote and that you'll join me, Mr. SingLikeSassy and millions of other people at the polls and let your voice be heard.

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