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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

"Yes, I Can" Be Healthier: Week 2

I hope we are all doing well with our sugar reduction challenge. Remember every day is a new one, so if you slip on Monday you can always do better on Tuesday.

Another prong of the "Yes, I Can!" Be Healthier campaign is exercise. We need to make better food choices and we have to move. To that end, I've invited TheStyleChild to do a guest blog this week to show the ladies how we can stay cute while getting our sweat on. Enjoy! And click on over to her blog when you're done.

Disclaimer: I'm SingLikeSassy and I approved this message.

Work It Out in Style
It’s getting closer to that time of year where we all make a list of things we vow to do better in the New Year. And for many of us –- especially the ladies -– high up on that list is getting fit and eating healthier. But when it comes to hitting the gym, do us all a favor and leave the raggedy t-shirts and sweatpants at home!

Just as you would think twice about what you wear to work or to hang out with some friends, the same rules apply. Why? You never know who you may run into –- even at the gym.

Nobody’s saying go out and spend ridiculous amounts of cash on designer stretch pants or sweat suits, but there are plenty of affordable and stylish options to choose from.

Perfect for a session at the gym and super comfy, check out a few suggestions:

From left: Women’s Piped Track Jacket, walmart.com; Women’s Piped Track Pants, walmart.com; Long-Sleeve Tee in Navy, target.com; Fitted Boot Cut Pants, target.com

And if you have to run a couple of errands immediately afterwards, you won’t feel self-conscious about what you have on. Some of your favorite retailers such as Kohls and the ones mentioned above stock lots of cute and affordable options.

But if you still need some inspiration? Check out one of my fave Beyonce songs below. I bet she’s always ready for a photo-op at the gym. Now go ahead and WORK.IT.OUT!

**TheStyleChild is a writer and blogger with a passion for fashion, who doesn’t believe in spending lots of money to look good. Her blog Stylin’ & Profilin’ serves as the urban girl’s guide to looking chic for cheap. Check it out http://thestylechild.wordpress.com/.

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