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Monday, December 29, 2008

The musical rope-a-dope

This past weekend we went to a jam session at Mr. SingLikeSassy's best friend's house. Those are always cool: great food, great friends and great live music all in one place. They usually play chamber music and jazz (with lots of improvisation from Mr. SLS). I love watching Mr. SLS play his instrument. I mean *really* love watching him play his instrument, it's usually the prelude to some good married folks bedroom time. (smile)

Anyway, I'm drinking spiked eggnog and jamming to the music and the next thing I know he's whipped out this piece and is introducing ME. Now, what's funny about this is the night before he had playfully pulled out this music and asked me to sing with him, so I did and we worked on this piece for a good hour or more, me thinking we were just playing around. But, um, no, he was making sure I was ready to sing the damn song at the party. Slickster.

Well, the feedback I got was pretty good. And these are musicians so either you sound good or you don't. There was discussion about the timbre of my voice and my sounding like Cassandra Wilson and how it was interesting that my speaking voice is higher and lighter than my singing voice.

So, I leave you with this today:

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  1. Cassandra Wilson is a good person to sound like! I know what you mean about hearing your man play - my husband definitely gets off easy sometimes because of his beautiful playing.


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