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Saturday, December 13, 2008

Second Take: SATC the Movie

When I saw the "Sex and the City" movie earlier this year, I liked it alright, but I wasn't blown away.

Last night I watched it again and I think I liked it more this time after putting some distance between that first viewing and all the hype. Plus I watched it with Mr. SingLikeSassy who hadn't seen it before and though he fell asleep a couple of times, managed to get the gist of the movie. LOL!

But one big question lingers for me. After the movie premiered I remember some women being all worked up because Steve cheated and Miranda took him back. Those same women had no problem with Big and Carrie ending up together in the end. Now, I'm not suggesting that what Steve did in the movie was comparable to what Big did in the movie, though both were very hurtful and stemmed from poor communication and unmet expectations, but let's pull the lens back a bit and look at this in its totality -- from episode 1 of Season 1 up through the movie.

From the day they met, Steve pretty much worshipped Miranda. He worked with her shortcomings and moodiness and got through her tough hide to show her how to love and essentially helped make her a better person. So, he made a serious, SERIOUS mistake that he even confesses to, but in 10 years, damn, a man can't get some forgiveness for ONE mistake??

Big, on the other hand, took 6 years to commit to a relationship with Carrie, during which time he acted the fool, married another woman then proceeded to cheat on her with Carrie, then got divorced and dropped in and out of her Carrie's life whenever it suited him. Then, in the movie, when it comes down to the real heart of the matter, he chickens out like a punk azz biyatch. This scene from the end of the series sums it up to me, specifically at 03:41:

Anyways, that's what was on my mind after seeing the movie again. What do you think?

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