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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Three years down, a lifetime to go!

Three years ago today, I met Mr. SingLikeSassy.

Since I wrote about our meeting and first few months of dating in an essay back then that I posted some months ago, I won't rehash, I'll simply link to that old post: Misty water-colored memories

I will say that everyday, I love him a little bit more. I'm surprised sometimes at that...

You know what else is interesting? Feeling like you know a person, but still learning about them at the same time. 

Mr. SLS has taught me a lot about how to love someone and how to be loved by someone. How to be open. How to trust. How to communicate. How to step out on faith. How to bend. How to share.

And he KNOWS me. He GETS me. A good example of that is when I came home from the baby shower last weekend, he had some flowers waiting for me. He had anticipated that I might be upset or sad (I was more nostalgic, actually) because we haven't gotten pregnant yet. Now honestly, a hug and some woo woo wooos would have been enough if I *had* been upset, but he tried to anticipate my needs. You know?

Plus, it's the little things. I mentioned recently that when I was a kid, "Snoopy Come Home" was my favorite Peanuts cartoon. When he got home in the wee hours of Wednesday morning after being stuck with the military for nearly two days, sleeping on a cot and up to all hours of the night rehearsing and playing for the inaugural ball (he saw Michelle's dress up close and personal and said he liked it), "Snoopy Come Home" was in his hand. Completely made up for the snow day groceries. LOL!

Again, he's not perfect, I'm not perfect. Nothing's perfect. But this thing we got workin' is great. On that note, I'm signing off. And I pray that every and anybody who wants love and commitment gets and keeps it. 


  1. LOL @ "charlie brown/snow day groceries" ... Brotha SLS is on his job!

  2. Tiffany In Houston1/22/2009

    Happy 'I met my boo day' to you!

  3. Again, he's not perfect, I'm not perfect. Nothing's perfect.

    But you're perfect TOGETHER... :-)


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