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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Babymaking on hold 'til summer

I went to my primary care physician last week (I hadn't been to see him in about three years...he was not pleased, but damn, I've had all number of docs poking at me, I didn't feel I needed another one in the mix) and it turns out I've worried, fretted and stressed myself so much about this babymaking situ I've created another health problem that has to be addressed before I can do my next cycle of IVF.

He and my RE are both in agreement that I should focus on getting this other thing right and then begin my next cycle.

Initially *that* was stressful, too, but after talking to Mr. SLS and Mama SLS I've calmed down a bit and realized that I have to take better care of myself not just for babymaking but for the people I love who are already HERE, living and breathing.

My RE did say she wants to go ahead and do a mock transfer so she can see what the deal is with my fibroids as they were a problem last time when they were trying to retrieve my eggs.

I have to say, after all this, my child better become president or do something really remarkable, dammit. ::nervously gnawing nails down to nubs::

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  1. Prayers are being sent up for you. Hang in there!


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