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Friday, February 27, 2009

Flush the inbox

After I read (and respond to) email messages, I either delete them or file them away in a folder. I *hate* for a whole bunch of email to be all piled up in my inbox and I don't feel the need to keep every piece of correspondence people send me.

Mr. SingLikeSassy has never deleted an email. Not ever. His inbox has about 8 million emails in it. But, he also doesn't respond to email. And doesn't read 98 percent of the email he receives. I have to put some variation of "!!!READ THIS!!! VERY VERY IMPORTANT!!! in the subjectline to get him to open MY email messages and I'm married to him! And believe me, even with that included in the subjectline it still does not guarantee a response. I can count on one hand how many emails he has sent me.

What's your email style? Do you keep everything, reply to everyone, purge, hoard?


  1. OMG are you serious???? I am so with you on purging the emails. I have a work email that I also get on my BB, 3 gmail accounts, a yahoo account and the blog email account and I HAVE to check them multiple times throughout the day, including the SPAM and Junk folders in order to ensure their cleanliness. Its borderline OCD but I feel so accomplished when its clean even though it leads to lengthy notes and to do lists..oh well. :-)

  2. @Shana: Yes! I'm like you. If I log on to my email and it's not empty I get irritated and I have to address that issue right then. He logs on and it's like, you have 3,456,789 emails.

    But, different strokes for different folks.

  3. Oh my lord, B and I are EXACTLY the same. I freak out if I have more than 50 unfiled emails in my Inbox. When it says "empty" my head literally feels clearer.

    He, on the other hand, has about 4,000, and thinks nothing of it. WEIRD.

  4. Hi there!

    I am amazed that he keeps every email!

    I don't read all of my email but I do check it several times a day.

    Well.... sometimes....


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