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Friday, March 20, 2009

Something I remembered while I was packing...

I am afraid of heights. I also get motion sick on airplanes, boats, trains, buses, Metro cars and in any vehicle I am not driving.

Because of this, I sit on the aisle when we fly. I *might* throw up. It's happened.

Mr. SLS would jump off the roof with a hang glider on if he thought he could pick up enough wind to do it. He prefers to sit at the window.

This is perfect when we are on planes that have seats grouped in twos. When we are on planes with seats grouped in threes, he will graciously sit in the middle.

But once when we were flying home from Savannah, he got to the seat before I did. I was maybe two, three people behind waiting on folks to put their stuff in the overhead. The young blonde lady in the window seat asked if he was with anyone and he said yes and then she asked, would you mind if I sit on the aisle so that I can talk to my friend across the aisle. I hear him saying, sure and I say, loudly, NO.

So then her friend says, damn, why she got to be all like that, and I say, I can be any kind of way I want to since that's MY seat and not his. I chose the aisle seat for a reason. If you wanted to sit together you should have purchased early enough so that you could choose seats together, like we did. (Lesson to the young birds: Don't ever test me with no back lip and shit. Just sit yo' ass down).

But really, I wasn't irritated with them as much as I was pissed off with Mr. SLS (who wasn't my husband at the time, but my boyfriend) because this was not our first flight, he knew that I got airsick, he knew that I had specifically said when you buy the plane tickets, make sure you GET ME AN AISLE SEAT, so I could not understand why he would even fix his mouth to say that chick could have my seat. He said he wasn't really thinking about all of that and it was the nice thing to do. And I said, if your reflexive action as MY MAN is to make somebody else more comfortable than ME, this relationship may be drawing to a close.

Obviously we worked through it, but I think about it every time we fly....giving away my damn seat. He musta bumped his head and lost his whole damn mind.

Anyways, we leave for vacation in the morning and I am hoping I will not be anywhere near a computer so there won't be any blog posts for several days.

Take care and I'll type to you on my return!

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  1. HA! I love this. You're totally right, too- YOUR comfort should of course be the first thing in his mind. But sometimes they get a little airhead-y, these man things... :-) Have a blast!


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