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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Things I'm still learning as a wife

My husband has my back. That's something I'm still getting used to, having someone I'm not related to concerned about me, trying to protect me. My daddy said I came out of the womb independent and never wanted any help other than that cash kinda help when my ends was low, LOL!

When my car broke, I called AAA. I also developed a relationship with a mechanic. When ish broke in my house that I bought all by myself, I fixed it or found someone who could fix it and paid them to get it done. Whatever the case it got fixed. I handled it. I can work a drill like a pro and have removed and installed light fixtures, a doorbell and various and sundry other projects. Now, that doesn't mean I don't appreciate having a partner OR that I don't get out of the way so that he is able to do what he needs to do, but sometimes that self-sufficient I have to do it all by myself SingLikeSassy pops out.

Mr. SLS had to report to the military on Saturday at 06:30 a.m. so we had to end our vacation on Friday. If all had gone as planned, we would have been home and in the house by 10 p.m. We caught our first flight at noon with little to no drama. Got to Dallas and rushed through customs only to find our connecting flight had been pushed back. We grabbed sandwiches, pulled out our books and iPods and settled in for a short wait. Four hours later, our flight -- after being pushed back several times -- was canceled.

We got in the line with other disgruntled passengers and I grabbed both cellphones and started calling the airline. When I got someone on the phone I had them reserve us seats on a flight but the agent said we would have to get someone at a counter to print us new boarding passes. Rather than run to the gate for the other flight and risk finding ourselves at the end of another long line, we decided to stay put in the line we were in and get the tix.

When we got to the counter (and a kudos to the gate agent who helped us, because a man tried to get in front of us and before me or Mr. SLS could say hell no, she said, sir, you need to go to the back of that very long line and wait like these people did. Then gave him the stink eye) I said, my husband is in the military and has to report to duty in the a.m., so please do whatever you can to get him a seat on a plane leaving tonight. I can fly out later.

Mr. SLS said, baby thank you for offering, but I'm not leaving you in this airport by yourself and flying back to D.C.

Now, in my head I was thinking wha? you know you gotta get back, Uncle Sam don't play! and I have flown to and traveled around several countries by myself where I didn't even speak the language so I think I can get myself from Dallas to D.C. all in one piece! But out loud I said, OK.

Meanwhile the gate agent (again, she needs a raise) got us seats on the next flight out (turns out the one I had the agent on the phone reserve was canceled while we were waiting), when the majority of the folks were only able to snag a place on the extra-long standby list.

Even after being seated, the plane didn't leave the gate til after 11 p.m., but we eventually got home, though there was other drama when we got to D.C. so we didn't get to the house until after 5 a.m.!

I thought about it though and honestly, some brothers I dated before my husband would have left my extra-capable ass in that airport and not thought twice about it. And I know many many many women who would not even have thought to suggest taking a later flight.

But as I said in the beginning, I'm *still* learning. My husband is never leaving me to fend myself.

It's kinda nice.


  1. That is a very sweet story, and I am very happy that you have found a keeper who keeps proving his worth everyday.

  2. That is a very sweet story, and I am very happy that you have found a keeper who keeps proving his worth everyday.


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