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Monday, April 13, 2009

Happy Birthday Chellie Belle!

Yes, *another* cousin's birthday. LOL!

I've written about my cousin Michelle and her faith here before, and I have to say Chelle is my most favorite cousin of all.

Her parents lived with us for awhile after she was first born while they were buying their house and I used to babysit her a lot when she was little. Even though she is the youngest of us first cousins, she is the one who keeps us connected by calling, writing, emailing and always making sure she sees us when we're in town.

She's fiercely loyal to and protective of her big brother, Jonathan (yes they are like me and my brother and have birthdays that are just days apart, too) and is an aspiring filmmaker.

Well today she turns 26 -- a grown damn woman, I can't believe it -- and I hope this birthday is wonderful wonderful wonderful for her.

Happy happy day cousin!

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