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Monday, April 27, 2009

Happy Birthday Chris!

Well this is the last of the cousins with birthdays in April, which is fitting because Chris is the eldest cousin and turns 40 this year.

Chris -- an only child -- and I were raised as brother and sister practically, spending the night at each other's houses all of the time, going to the same summer camps, day camps, high school (we were in marching band together) and college. He was there when I got my first kiss (he vetted the dude for me LOL!); taught me how to whistle, blow bubblegum bubbles, ride my bicycle, play checkers and helped nurture my budding love of music by making me learn every ooo and ah of the Jackson 5's records as well as the drumbeats, the guitar strums, the keyboard strokes -- everything.

I never would have left the house during high school if he didn't have a car and felt sorry enough for my imprisoned status to let me tag along with him to various parties and stuff every now and again.

He moved me in and out of every dorm and apartment I lived in before I bought my house, bought my textbooks for me one year when I was mad at my parents for something and wasn't talking to them. He was the first family member Mr. SLS met (and later he told me "that's your husband.") Chris essentially had the brotherly relationship with me that my brother and I never seemed to develop.

I especially hope this birthday is a good one for him because he and his wife are divorcing. We talked last week and he seems OK with it. If I'm honest I have to say I knew when they got married 10 years ago it would come to this end and I won't be sad to see the back of his wife for the last time.

Happy happy day cousin! Best wishes for many more.

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