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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Happy Birthday Lil' Brother

Today my brother is 33 years old.

I remember my parents asking for my input in naming him and I chose Michael (I had a crush on Michael Jackson for years and years and years!!) and for months before he was born, his name was Michael. We called him Michael, referred to him as Michael, he was Michael.

Then, when he came home, his name was Daddy SLS Jr. I felt some kinda way for a good long while cause dammit if they were gonna veto my suggestion why play with me for months on that ish? LOL!

I don't remember this, but my mom says that when they brought my brother home, I got mad and tried to snatch him from her arms and throw him to the ground. I can believe I did that....my parents hadn't planned on a second child and as a result I was spoiled rotten. ROTTEN.

As I've mentioned previously, his birthday is exactly 7 days before mine, so the day people came to greet the new baby was my birthday, which was on Easter that year. My parents had gotten me a rabbit cake with toothpicks for whiskers and I got mad because I was all pretty in my Easter outfit and all the people were coming to look at that wrinkled up noisy baby. So, I wouldn't let anybody cut or eat my cake, including me. My parents put it in the freezer and I think it was eventually thrown out, but still I SHOWED THEM! LOL!

All of that was likely a sign of things to come because, though I have some good memories of us, we are not and have not ever been close. Who knows what the future holds though.

Anyways, happy happy day little brother. Best wishes for this one and many more.

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