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Sunday, April 5, 2009

How do you handle expenses?

It took awhile but we've finally developed a system that seems to work for us and that is transparent for the most part. On the first of the month I go through and schedule payments for all of the bills. Then I let him know I did it. I keep it all in a spreadsheet and track our spending, savings, investments etc.

Until we came up with this structure it worried me that we weren't taking full advantage of our DINK status and were paying separately for things we could get cheaper together. I was right in some cases -- car insurance, cell phones etc. -- and we have combined those and increased our monthly savings.

I would say that not having school loans (and even as old as we are I have friends who are *still* paying back school loans) or car payments and buying homes before the boom were some of the best financial decisions both of us could have made.

What's still amazing to me as we look around casually for a house we can buy together, is that the prices in D.C. (the city proper, we have no interest in moving to the suburbs and commuting in to our jobs) are still ridiculous. And trust me, we're not looking for a mcmansion or anything like that.

Anyway, how do you other couples handle bills and expenses?

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