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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Me, my brother and why we will NEVER be close

My brother insists we are not close because of ME and whines to my parents about it despite him never calling me or emailing me or texting me or IMing me or even sending me a birthday card (remember his birthday is SEVEN DAYS before mine and last week I sent him a lovely and thoughtful card with a personal note in it to my mom's house that I know he got because SHE told me, not him, meaning he didn't bother to say thank you).

This morning I saw my mom was signed on to IM and I hit her with a "what's up mommy" and it turns out it's not my mom, it's my brother (which I suspect means he has moved back home and nobody wants to say anything to me about it).

I IM, "Hey there! How was your birthday?" He replies, "Worked." I IM, "You're getting old boy. I, as you know, remain eternally youthful and gorgeous" and add a smiley face. He replies:

That's right, no, "aw man you're still older than me" or "hahaha" or "miss me with the BS" or "biyatch please," nope, he just ignores me. A big virtual middle finger.

This is what I get from him, while he fills my parents ears with how if something happened to him and they are gone, I wouldn't take care of him (he might be right about that, actually) and I don't love him and I ignore him. And I gotta get grief from them about trying harder to connect with his ass and reaching out to him and "you two are all each other have" (which is BS cause I got my husband and whatever family WE create).

So he and my parents can MISS ME WITH THAT BULLSHIT!

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  1. I hear that mess from my sister all the time...AND SHE CAN MISS ME WITH THAT BULLSHYAT TOO!


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