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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

My sister-in-law is mad at me

Tell me what you think about her "issues" with me.

First, she does hair out of her house with no license. She wants to do my hair. She's asked me some umpteen times and I said no several times then I ignored her and then she sent me an email that I deleted and finally she sent me another email because I didn't respond to the earlier one. I didn't answer that either and so when I saw her the other day she was feeling some kinda way. I said, I didn't answer either email because I had already told her NO about doing my hair. She had her answer and asking me several more times was not changing my mind it was just irritating me. NO you cannot play in my hair in your kitchen sink. NO.

Secondly, she wants to do some shady ish (this is a darn near fitty year old woman!!) using our address and wanted me to write some letter and go somewhere with her mostly so she doesn't have to be inconvenienced by some laws she doesn't want to adhere to and I said, no to that too, because I don't do illegal ish. She got EXTRA mad when she asked Mr. SLS to do it and he said, "hell no and [SingLikeSassy] aint doing that shit either." I think she thought I influenced him to not help her cause it has not at all occurred to her that what she is asking is WRONG AND ILLEGAL, we should just "support her" in this scam. From her perspective I'm not supporting family and from my perspective "family" doesn't ask me to do illegal shady ish.

So she had a salty azz attitude and was giving me the sour eye all day. But I think we understand each other now. When I say no, I mean it, so don't ask me another 70-leven times and don't ever ask me to help with your shady underhanded plots and plans.


  1. It's good you're clear. You don't need that.

  2. you are a good one for having to deal with this on a continuous basis. You handled it correctly

  3. I love the way Mr. SLS stood by you.

  4. Anonymous4/29/2009

    You said it already...it's HER issues.

    I can't seem to get my name to appear under my google account so I keep appearing as anonymous.


  5. Anonymous5/02/2009

    Would Mr. SLS be mad if I cussed his sister out for ya'll?? That there is no fallout and ya'll can tell her I'm schizo and to ignore me. LOL!!

  6. I love the way Mr. SLS stood by you.


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