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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Sure you can go home again!

My trip home last weekend was actually not as grim as I had anticipated. My Grandma *is* sick and could pass at any moment, make no doubt about it.

But trust me, she's still sassy (check her out over there dancing at my wedding in Sept. 2007). She said she was glad I came home to see her, but don't get all worked up cause she's 87 (I thought she was 88 but she got me straight on that point) and yeah, she's going to die. People are born and they die. (<--this is the woman everyone compares me to in the family). 

Then she commenced to telling me I wasn't too old to have babies, shoot she saw on TV that some lady 60-some years old just had a baby and we get these thoughts in our head about what we can't do but we can do anything we want to do so I shouldn't feel like I'm too old to have a baby. I just smiled and nodded respectfully, but in my head I thought, "that's good, Grandma, since I wasn't feeling too old to have a baby, in fact, I wasn't feeling old at all until this conversation, so THANK YOU Grandma!" I should note that she doesn't know we have been undergoing infertility treatments. Only my mother knows this and for once in her long extra blabby tell Grandma EVERYTHING life she has kept something to herself.

She also told me that she really likes Mr. SLS, but to keep my eye on him cause "it's the quiet ones that'll kill ya." Something else I hadn't thought about, but thank you again Grandma for alerting me to that potential danger.

But, you know what, that's my Grandma. Gotta love her!

I got to spend some time with my two girl cousins. I have eight first cousins and three of us are women. My youngest cousin Chelle (I blogged about her here and here) and I rode around in my car with the top back. She loves fast cars as much as I do (her dad -- my favorite uncle -- turned me on to sports cars back when I was a kid, so it makes sense she would have an interest in them, too). We then went to visit our other cousin who we've nicknamed Celie.

Rewinding for a minute, I think we three girls bonded because Celie and I are close in age so we did a lot together as kids and both of us babysat Chelle when she was little. Also, my two uncles married two sisters and Chelle and Celie are related twice over.

Anyway, we went to Celie's house and snacked on the cookies and smoothies she made for her son and his sleepover guest. It's interesting how very domestic we all are, we truly were raised to nurture and take care of families. Cause I *knew* when we decided to go over, there would some fresh baked good and/or some healthy dinner cooking and at least one extra kid if not more at that house.

(to be continued...)


  1. Your grandmother sounds (and looks) awesome. So sorry she's not doing well health-wise.

  2. She's still kicking! Sounds the same as my gmoms always telling you straight out saying I may not be here. I know how you feel it's sad to see the end is near but they keep spitting fire at you so you kind of feel better about it. Some people live a full life and they are content near the end I just hope I am the same way.


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