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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Beep! Beep!

I am an aggressive driver. Most people don't like to ride with me because they fear for their lives, which is fine with me cause I don't like shotgun riders, as most of mine spend the ride saying "OH GIRL YOU ARE DRIVING TOO FAST!" or "YOU JUST TURNED LEFT FROM THE RIGHT LANE YOU COULD HAVE KILLED US!" (cept for Mr. SLS because my driving doesn't scare him).

I can do a lot of what I do in my car because it sits low, is nimble, it has a lot of engine power and it's manual shift so I can downshift for a burst of acceleration when I need it. If you like to drive 20 mph in the 20 mph zone, don't get in my car. If you are the kind of person who won't pull out into the intersection to make a left turn, don't get into my car. If you slow down to a crawl to turn a corner, don't get in my car. If I can walk faster than you drive, DON'T GET IN MY CAR.

::peels away from curb on two wheels::

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  1. Tiffany In Houston6/14/2009

    WORD. I bend CORNAS in my Acura TL!!!

    And the people who turn corners like the elderly, piss me OFF!!!!


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