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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

I'm in a mood and it ain't sentimental

I have a bajillion forms and papers to fill out and tests to take so that I can have this surgery and be away from work for six weeks. It's overwhelming.

I also need to get my car inspected this week so I can renew my registration and I haven't done it yet and am clearly waiting until the last minute to do it which is not generally how I handle my business.

There are other things I need to do poste haste but I just can't quite muster up the energy to tackle them. I'm in a funk of some kind. More than once in the past two weeks I've gone home and been asleep almost 30 minutes after I got there...I'm not even tired, I just want to be asleep.

Addendum: A coworker just asked if I was OK, because I wasn't my usual sassy and sparkling self, so clearly I am noticeably off my game.


On a really random note, how did you and your mate decide which side of the bed you would sleep on? It's funny but when we slept at my house we were on the opposite sides of where we are now.

Our beds are set up the same way in relation to the door, but, at my house I slept closest to the door. When I started spending the night with Mr. SLS we both just automatically switched positions and he slept closest to the door.

Now, I *can't* sleep closest to the door no matter where we sleep or how the bed is positioned.

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  1. So sorry you're going through all of that - probably the stress of it all is what's making you tired.

    As far as which side of the bed is best, I'm still not sure after all these years! Right now I'm on the left, but I'm planning to be on the right when we move back into our house. I hope I like it okay because it's the "convenient" side. When we were on the road there was no real pattern to which side either of us slept on in the hundreds of different hotel rooms so I'm probably totally confused about which side I like.


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