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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Weekend learning experience

I don't know if I've said this before, but I haven't spent much time with children as an adult. We don't have many in my family and even if there were, I haven't lived near my family since I graduated from college. None of my single friends have kids and my married friends with kids live in other states and cities far away. Our married friends here are DINKs like us.

Mr. SLS obviously gets a lot of exposure to children as a teacher, but that's not the same as parenting. SO we decided now that his niece was older and potty trained, we should spend more time with her and her brother as a test run of sorts.

This past weekend we took them to lunch, then to a movie and then played with them. It was exhausting!! And stressful!! The dynamics between us changed dramatically as obviously we couldn't focus on each other as we do normally. The whole experience made me pause and wonder if being a mom was what I really wanted to do. Or should do.

Luckily Mr. SLS was wondering the same thing so we discussed and decided we need to spend more time with these kids (who are not bratty or whatever, just regular kids) in the next few months before we do our next cycle.

But all this makes me wonder, why is it so easy for other people to just have babies and keep it moving? I think about stuff too much, I spose.

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  1. Anonymous6/23/2009

    Dealing with other people's kids is nothing like dealing with your own. There is a bond that makes all the stress, lost sleep, etc. so worth it. I hope this does not have any affect on your decision. You never know what it is really like until you have your own children. They drive you nuts but at the end of the day you look at them and you feel love. Seriously.



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