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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Cereal killer

When I was growing up my mother never let us have sugary cereals such as Capt. Crunch or Boo Berry. We could eat Kellogg's Corn Flakes, Rice Krispies and Cheerios -- with fruit but no added sugar -- and Life (which I *really* hated). That's it. Don't bother asking for anything else. Many a day I sat at the table for hours staring into a soggy bowl of cereal because I didn't want it and you didn't waste food in our house. (<--possibly why I am fat today. that's a tangent though...)

I still hate those cereals today. For years I couldn't eat a cereal if it was a flake, but I also couldn't eat sugary cereals for the most part. I also would rather starve than eat oatmeal or cream of wheat. They look like something my cats vomited up.

I've grown, a little, but I'm still a picky cereal eater. Mr. SLS eats stuff like shredded wheat or some flake with a date and some nuts in it that makes me want to gag while he's crunching and munching as if it's the best thing ever. Ew.

Anyway, my favorite cereal of all time is puffed wheat.

You cannot go wrong with a bowl of puffed wheat! Look at the nutrition facts:

It's practically a spoonful of air. I add skim milk and berries and voila! breakfast is served.

Do you like cereal?


  1. Product 19 is my fav. With raisins added.

  2. I can't believe it. I rank that Puffed Wheat up there with all of the other nasty cerals you had to eat as kid. LOL.

    My favorite now...Raisin Bran Crunch.

  3. I love oatmeal - hands down my favorite thing to have for breakfast.

    I'm not big on cold cereals, but will eat shredded wheat, cheerios or raisin bran in a pinch.


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