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Friday, August 28, 2009

Clean sweep, doors and windows

I've decided to become a landlord. After talking to the agent (who owns a primary residence and rental residence in my neighborhood) keeping my house and using it as an income property sounds like the best plan for us.

As such, I've had people in to make some minor repairs that are needed, have sked one more person to come next week to do a small project and I'm pricing out carpet.

I've been sorting through papers in my desk over there and shredding docs I don't need anymore and it's been so enlightening to see old paychecks and my original mortgage papers and the titles to my cars and the "paid in full" letter for my school loan. I have come a looooooong way baby!

I also found some old pics of me I hadn't seen in awhile and you know what always gets me when I see old pics of me? I realize that I am cute as all get out. One thing CreoleinDC always says is believe you are cute and act like it (she might not say it quite like that but that's the gist).

On a day-to-day basis, I don't think I'm cute. I'm always too self-conscious about being fat (I have a post coming about this, too, cause I had a revelation last night, that basically said, if being fat bothers me so much do something about it hell!). But I look at the old photos and my hair is always styled nicely, my outfit is flattering, my skin is right and I have a great smile -- I'm cute!

The thing that made me REALLLY REALLLLLLY laugh is the rejection letter I had saved for this job I wanted a couple, two, three years ago. I don't know why I saved the letter, but I read it today and saw the name of the lady who "rejected me" at the bottom and burst out laughing cause this chick has given me not one but TWO journalism awards in the years since she picked someone who wasn't me for the job I thought was mine back then.

Just goes to show you, when a door closes, a window opens so jump ya ass through it and keep it moving.

Also hilarious is a conversation I had with one of my BFFs today. She said she knew I wasn't even going to seriously entertain selling/renting my house until I had been married for a minute and had a chance to feel out this "death do us part" thing cause I am funny with my money. HAAHAHAAA! That really cracked me up. Cause it's true.

Altogether, things are shaping up nicely. I'm feeling better, the house will soon be making me some money, and interestingly enough, I'm getting excited about going back to work.


  1. Sounds like a kickass outlook, lady. ;-)

  2. Good for you! Being a landlord is not so bad. We had more ups than downs; but we also had 8 properties to manage. Definitly a rollercoster ride - worth it though. Great outlook on life.

    Just keep singing!


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