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Monday, August 3, 2009

I love my family, new and old

The next time I complain about my crazy family remind me of all the calls, cards, letters and flowers they sent me over the past few days.

And a huge thanks and big ups to my sister-in-law (no, not Mr. SLS' sister, I haven't heard from her at all -- no, this thanks is to his brother's wife). She came to visit me in the hospital, checked in on me constantly and yesterday she cooked dinner and they brought it to us. I couldn't eat much of it (not hungry) but what I did taste was delish and Mr. SLS is happy because she made his favorite dish.

I have to admit, a visit with the family sans Mr. SLS' sister is a different experience. We all laughed and relaxed and there was no drama or headaches or arguments and the babies ran around playing and it was just...family. His sister takes a lot of energy and focus. And patience. It's tiresome.

Bringing it back around to the positive: I feel very cared about and loved.

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