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Sunday, August 16, 2009

The Long Goodbye -- Raymond Chandler

One thing my husband has in common with everyone in my family (except my daddy cause he's like me) is that when we're at an event and it's time to go he takes forever to say his goodbyes.

And I hate that.

Cause when I'm ready to go, I AM READY TO GO. But he always has to holler at one more person, just say one thing to suchandsuch etc. He will stand at the door for another 10 or 20 minutes chatting. How is that leaving?!

I'm not like that. I leave when I'm done. I wave goodbye and then walk out the door. Bye! If I need to talk to somebody I will call them later. Cause I'm rhet ta go!!

But I'm also funnyactin' and he's more social than I am so I deal.


  1. I am exactly the same way - when it's time to go, it's time to go. My family always used to try to detain me which always made me feel like I was being rude. My husband, on the other hand, seems unable to tear himself away from any conversation, even when there's a lull. It takes him forever to leave anywhere.

  2. I am so with you! My husband says "You better tell them we're ready to leave because it's going to be another 1/2 hour before we're out of here." And he's right! I'd just wave, say 'thanks' and go but not the rest of my family.


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