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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Love me in a special way -- Debarge

Dear Friends and Family:

I appreciate all your well wishes and I am recovering nicely. I've been able to get out of the house this past week and do a few things, so I'm not bedbound.

However, when I entered the hospital on July 30, I weighed 18 pounds less than I did back in April. This is due to diet modification. That doesn't mean I am on a diet that means I try to actively make better choices about what I put in my mouth everyday and stop eating at 8 p.m. for the most part.

I want to note that I did not move ONE STEP MORE and lost 18 pounds. That means, I was taking in too many calories. Eating too much junk. Being a glutton.

Once I am a bit better I do intend to take some more steps, several in fact, as that is the next phase of my lifestyle overhaul plan -- becoming more active -- but right now, I can only move slowly and in small spurts. Which means during this convalescence time I have to be even more cognizant about what I put in my mouth.

So please stop sending baked goods to this house. I don't need them and my husband -- I know he is skinny, but he has sugar issues that we have to keep an eye on -- doesn't need them either. And we are not going to eat them so your generosity is being wasted.

I know your hearts are in the right place, and frankly, in the past this would be exactly the way to make me "feel" better. But I'm trying to change and become healthier and I'll need your help.

Yours always,


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