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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

My Granny is the bestest!

I got a get well card from my very sickly Granny (my dad's mother) today. It was soooo sweet and reminded me of all the cards and care packages she has sent me over the years.

When I was still a baby she started sending me postcards from her various trips. I still have some of them! She sent me cards for every holiday and birthday (I still have some of these, too!). Granny also was the one who bought me stationary for writing thank you notes. I still do this and have a love of great paper and handwritten notes.

She always made me Easter baskets and taught me how to make beans and greens to bring in the new year and did lots of "ladies who lunch" dates with me as I grew up.

I own a vintage dressing table and armoire because I have so many great memories of playing dress up at Granny's dressing table with her gloves, hats, furs and sparkly jewelry. I would spray myself with perfume from her atomizers (I have these, too), dust my face with her fluffy powder puffs and smear her red red lipstick all over (and around) my mouth.

She helped me pick my dress for my senior prom and gave me the accessories for it.

While I was in college she sent me care packages all the time, but the best one was on my 21st birthday. By then everyone knew she sent the bomb stuff in my care packages so all my hallmates were in my room gathered around waiting to see what goodies were inside the box: a homemade chocolate poundcake! And some slippers that looked like Lhasa Apsos. (I still have these slippers!) That is *still* one of my best birthdays ever.

She's always been into decorating and has an eye for style and there are accessories in my house right now that Granny picked out.

When I go home she always gives me some of her prized vintage pieces she has held on to over the years -- a satin clutch, some long satin gloves, a mink collared wool swing coat with 3/4 sleeves, some long leather gloves to wear with the coat, some crystal earrings.

Anyways, I love my Granny.

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