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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Puzzle pieces

There are a few times when I try to do something and it seems too hard and I can't focus on it or push forward. Maybe the timing is off, or something but whatever it's not right, so I put a pin in it and step away.

That's the situation with my house. Up until now it seemed like I could not do what needed to be done to get this house sold or rented. Something was always distracting or blocking me. So, I left it alone. Yes, that meant I was spending money for a place no one was living in, but I could not get over the hump.

I'll admit that I think part of it was being a new bride and still growing in my marriage.

Getting to a point where in the back of my head I don't need to cling to my house as the last vestige of my independent womanhood.

Even as much as I trust(ed) Mr. SLS and know that he is a great man who loves me, that still didn't make me stop being ME. Meaning I trust but verify. In ALL situations.

Thankfully my husband understands me and is patient.

Anyway as far as taking care of my house, things are flowing now.

Agent is on the job, paperwork is moving along as needed.

The pieces are falling in the place.

The timing is right.


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