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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Two baby steps forward

I'm meeting with a real estate agent this week to talk numbers about my house. Depending on the numbers the agent shows me I may put it on the market in the next month or so after I make a couple of tweaks here and there.

When I was paying bills at the beginning of the month (I schedule all bill payments for the month at the beginning of the month so that I'm not forgetting anything) I realized that the *only* bills I have outside of my car insurance are for this house.

I'm still open to renting it out, but only through a management company. This agent can help me with that, too. The going rent in my neighborhood for houses my size would easily cover the mortgage payment and Mr. SLS really thinks we should hang on to it rather than sell.

I worry about the tenant laws in D.C. though, as they seem to be heavily weighted toward the renter in any and all disputes. I don't intend to be a slumlord or anything, but neither do I want some scammer living in my house for free while I fight the system to get them out. This is one of the few issues where I'm cup half empty.

Anyway, I hope everyone is having a lovely weekend!

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