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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

A dream is a wish your heart makes!

Following up on my "Rise and Grind" post below about overcoming fear, I did some research on the master's program I'm interested in and I can take all the classes in the evening and finish in two years. That means I don't have to quit my job or anything.

What really tipped the boat was when Mr. SLS said, "You can use the rental income from your house to pay for it." Of course, I hadn't thought of that! Doh! That eliminated the two "barriers" I was using as excuses -- what about work and how to pay for it. Gotta stop thinking about how I *can't* do something and focus on how to get it done.

I'm gathering together things I need now so that I can apply.

As for the house, I got the next to the last step done so that I can legally rent in D.C. (the last step is an inspection by the city) and tomorrow I'm having an electrician come to install something and fix another thing I broke with my handy ass. LOL!

I put some stuff on Craigslist and FreecycleDC and in a week I'm having the carpet replaced. And...that's it! Ready for rent!

I go back to work next week so I'm glad I used this time to recover and get these things done. To be honest, I'm glad I felt good enough of the time that I was able to do this house stuff. It's a blessing. Other than having to take a midday nap, I think I'm pretty much well along with my mending and I'm sure once I get back into the work flow I'll get beyond the nap thing.

I've also managed to lose 26 pounds (since April) and I plan to continue losing weight. I've decided to take the opportunity to walk to work while the weather is still decent (not too hot, not too cold). That's four miles roundtrip. I'll continue to work on making better food choices and paying attention to portion sizes. I'm approaching a milestone birthday and one thing this surgery taught me is that I have to take better care of myself.

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  1. I haven't had as much time to comment lately but I am still here reading and wanted to say I am proud of you on the weight loss and deciding to go back to school. YOU CAN DO IT!!!


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