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Friday, September 4, 2009

Get ready to "Rise and Grind"

I'm always worried about not having enough money and having spotless credit. I do not know why that is as I've never been hungry, homeless or without, though in my early days out of college I did struggle. As a result of that fear I'm very averse to risk and didn't want to do or try anything that might mess up my paper or creditworthiness.

I've recently realized that what I feared was having to rely on someone or ask for help. Or go home to my family. I was scared of failing or appearing to be a failure.

This year I've taken some small financial risks that have netted us some good results. Things I've wanted to do in the past but was afraid to do. My small successes have made me less fearful. But I was able to do them because I had support from Mr. SLS. I knew if things didn't work I would still eat, I would still have a roof over my head -- it would be OK.

This has made me think more about things such as quitting my job and doing something I really want to do. Mr. SLS said last night, "It's time for you to get that master's degree you've been talking about."

I hadn't pursued the degree in the past because I worried about the time and expense and, honestly, because I was scared. I didn't want to take on debt to do it, I was scared to leave work to do it, I was scared.

Yes, I know lots and lots of other people have done it, but, that was them. *I* was scared. (See the first part of this where I said I am always worried about money and creditworthiness).

For whatever reason, I stumbled on a blog by FreeMan, where he talked about becoming self-sufficient, reclaiming the black community, retaining more of the money that our community spends and various other topics along those lines.

He started a new blog this week, "Rise and Grind," that discusses how to start a business in layman's terms. If you've always wanted to get your own hustle, but thought you couldn't do it, wasn't sure how to do it or was just plain old scared, give him a read. Tweet with him. Take his tips, get past your fears and get your thing going.

That's what I'm going to do. Good luck!


  1. That guy is brilliant. There are lessons for all, and I mean all, of us there. It's never too late to get your masters degree. Go for it!

  2. LOL someone called me brilliant! I'm just sharing what I know and since I had to hustle to get it it's easy for me to talk simply.

    Now don't go quitting your job just yet because you can make money on the side and then one day the job won't be necessary. I got another podcast on Tuesday called Brick by Brick talking about how to build a financial foundation.

    Thanks for the kudos as I didn't know that many people were paying attention until I folded up FreeMan Press. I got enough posts to have something everyday until 2010.

  3. Love this post. The reason I'm not where I want to be is because of "fear." I'm glad you have the support you need at home and decided to pursue your dreams. You'll find that it's all worth it...
    Good luck (in whatever you decide to do - whether it's getting your master's degree or starting your own business.

  4. That guy is brilliant. There are lessons for all, and I mean all, of us there. It's never too late to get your masters degree. Go for it!


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