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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Loving what you do for a living

One of the things I really love about Mr. SLS is how he found a way to get paid for doing something he loves: music. And because he loves music, he takes the time and effort to find and develop new and creative ways to teach the kids.

For example, I'm making cupcakes for him today and he's going to use them to teach some musical method.

He writes songs for the kids, teaches them how to improvise and takes them to perform with him sometimes so they can get comfortable being in front of an audience.

For their concerts he pays professional musicians to come in to accompany them.

I want to love what I do that much. I like it and it's interesting most days, but I know I don't have half the enthusiasm for what I do that my husband does.

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  1. Well if you can't find it join him! SO I think you get a kick out of watching the excitement in him. Maybe you'll never find it but it's always good to be around someone who has. Whether you know it or not you smile and are happy by association.

    WOW, you are quite the twitterer!


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