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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Protective covering

Among the many things I love about Mr. SLS is the way he protects and takes care of me.

He is pretty easygoing and mild mannered and I'm sure most people who meet him think he's softhearted, which he is so they wouldn't be wrong.

But I think some people also mistake that for him being cowardly. They would be wrong.

In the past I have dated some big, macho, beat on the chest, I'm a big bad mutha-effer brothers. The kinda men you think would step up. But those bruhs were all chatter and bluster.

Not Mr. SLS. If somebody steps to me wrong, he will bust you in your throat. I've seen it. And I like it. ::drool:: It's kinda like how Clark Kent takes off his glasses and turns into Superman.

Now, I know some of you ladies are all "chivalry is dead" and "we aren't frail little flowers that need protectin' by the big strong menfolk," but dayum all dat. *You* may not need or want protecting, but I do. I need a provider and a protector and that, thankfully, is what I got. I chose well. Yay me!

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