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Monday, September 28, 2009


I'm hating it. And I've put my finger on why: too many chiefs.

Last week someone was out and everything flowed so smoothly. Now this person is back and just one hour into the day and they have gummed up the works. Ugh.

But enough about that, let's talk about the house. I'm in the home stretch. We start listing on Thursday. They are putting in the new carpet right this very minute.

It trips me out that despite my taking very good care of my house, there were still all these little (and costly!) things that had to be done. And then of course, cosmetic stuff. My agent said not to paint, but the house needed a fresh coat of paint and new carpet. Nobody wants to live in/buy a house with scuffed walls and cathair carpet.

It looks SO different in there with the new paint colors. I wasn't into bold colors, but I did have some nice soft pastel walls. Now they are a neutral color.

And I swapped out some window coverings. All in all, I've invested some serious time and money in this, so I'm hoping it will pay off.

Hope all is well with you! Take care. -- sls

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