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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Are you a NIMBY?

I've been following a discussion on a neighborhood blog about development in our community and it's interesting to see some of the views shared.

Made me think, am I a NIMBY? On some things, yes.

We own homes in my family. From the top to the bottom, 100 percent. We own homes. I have been a renter, but once I could see my way able to purchase I did and that was that. It was never something I thought was out of reach or unattainable and I wasn't rich when I did it.

I also didn't try to buy my dream home when I purchased. I bought what I could afford because it was important to me to own and I know how to defer a dream. I also knew that the best way to get that dream house was to leverage a smaller, starter house.

We've been looking casually at houses and one of the things that turns me off from a house is if it's close to (across from, next to, behind) an apartment building. I'm also drawn more to the suburban-type neighborhoods. And if I see a gaggle of folks hanging out on a corner, it's a big HELL NO. That signals a sidewalk covered in chicken wing bones, broken Chandon bottles and The Wire to me.

Mr. SLS grew up here and those things aren't the blights to him that they are for me. For him, it's the cost of city living.

Anyway, these are just random rambling thoughts....

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